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The Phenom: World’s Fastest Scanning Electron Microscope

With its market-leading Phenom desktop Scanning Electron Microscope (SEM), Phenom-World helps customers to stay competitive in a world where critical dimensions are continuously getting smaller. All Phenom desktop systems give direct access to the high-resolution and high-quality imaging and analysis required in a large variety of applications. They are affordable, flexible and a fast tool enabling engineers, technicians, researchers and educational professionals to investigate micron and submicron structures.

Phenomenal Imaging and
Analysis Power

  • Imaging power up to 130,000x magnification
  • Unmatched ease of use by intuitive system control
  • Fully integrated X-ray analysis
  • Fastest time from loading sample to SEM image (< 30 sec) by using an integrated X, Y motor stage
  • “Never lost” navigation by combination of optical navigation camera and low magnification SEM imaging

From Biological Development
to Pharmaceutics

The Phenom is a perfect tool for investigating mold spores or analyzing pharmaceutical powders. A vast variety of sample holders allows biological and pharmaceutical sample analysis without difficult sample preparation.

From Process Control to
Quality Assurance

The Phenom desktop SEM is the ideal tool for processing samples and evaluating quality in a short span of time. The rapid sample preparation and the incredibly short feedback time improve the efficiency and effectiveness of the failure analysis.

From Material Characterization
to Metallurgy Analysis

The Phenom allows operators to perform microstructural analysis and non-destructive testing of metals to identify variations that occur after treatment, and to determine compositional contrast.

All-Round Forensic Investigation

The Phenom is used to perform ballistic research, identify scratches and indents from tool marks,human and animal hair classification or scrutinizing residues such as sand and diatoms.