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SEM Software App

Automated and Market-Specific Software Solutions

The Phenom ProSuite has been developed to enable Phenom users to extract maximum information from images made with the Phenom desktop Scanning

Electron Microscope (SEM). The software is installed on a monitor-mounted PC, leaving the Phenom imaging unit in its original state and guaranteeing maximum system stability.


  • Automated collection
    of images
  • Real-time remote control
  • Intuitive single-page
    user interface
  • Standard applications included: Automated Image Mapping & Remote User Interface


  • Fully automated visualization and
    analysis of pores
  • Detection of pore size range 100nm – 0,1mm
  • Statistical data with high-quality images


  • Morphology and particle size data for submicron particle applications
  • Detection of particles from 100nm to 100μm
  • Easy data to export to histograms and
    scatter plots

3D Roughness Reconstruction

  • Intuitive user interface, maximum employability
  • Based on “shape from shading” technology, no stage tilt required
  • Fast reconstruction


  • Fast and automated collection of all
    statistical data
  • Large range of fibers and pores can be measured
  • View and measure micro and nano fibers with unmatched

Element Identification (EID)

  • Fully integrated software for X-ray analysis
  • Precise spot mode analysis to identify hidden elements
  • Optional: Elemental Mapping and Line Scan software app