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Multi Reactor MR Series

Multi Reactor (MR) Series for the Laboratory

Fully automated and computer-controlled catalyst evaluation units

The Micromeritics Multi Reactor series features highly productive evaluation units for the laboratory that enable scientists to comprehensively measure the activity and selectivity of catalysts for screening and kinetic studies.

The MR series configurations include 4 or 8 independent, parallel catalyst lab reactors that are fully automated, and computer controlled. MR models with additional reactors are available on request.

The series’ versatility allows determining optimal experimental conditions and detecting operational challenges. Furthermore, it allows the comparison of catalysts under the same reaction conditions.

Due to the series’ precise temperature-control and feeding system, reaction and regeneration can be carried in-situ and at consecutives stages.

Key Features

  • Fully automated modular system optimized for catalyst screening and providing reliable test studies
  • Configurable to individual application needs ensures a high level of flexibility
  • Flow reactor design accommodates both, extrudates and powders
  • Inert reactor chamber made of quartz to avoid undesirable side-reactions
  • Gas and optional liquids feeding systems allow the MR-4 and MR-8 to be used for a wide range of applications
  • User-friendly software for defining experimental studies and continuous monitoring of the system
  • Easily integrated with a range of analytics including chromatography and spectroscopy

Available Configurations

  • Micromeritics Multi Reactor MR-4 and MR-8: Fully automated, computer-controlled catalyst evaluation unit with 4 or 8 micro reactors for highly flexible screening studies
  • Additional configurations are available on request: The number of reactors can be customized to your catalyst screening studies along with independent individual reactor control for kinetic studies and process design.
Micromeritics Multi Reactor MR-4 Multi Reactor MR-8 *
Number of Modules 1 - 2 -
Number of Reactors 4 6 8 10 or 12
Gas Feed in each Reactor 10-100 ml/min - 10-100 ml/min -
Liquid Feed 0.01-0.5 ml/min - 0.01-0.5 ml/min -
Reaction max. Temperature 800 ºC & 1barg
650 ºC & 80 barg
950 ºC 800 ºC & 1barg
650 ºC & 80 barg
950 ºC
Reaction Module Temperature Control Yes - Yes -
Individual Reactor Temperature Control - Yes - Yes
Reaction max. Pressure 80 barg 180 barg 80 barg 180 barg
Reaction Module Pressure Control Yes - Yes -
Individual Reactor Pressure Control - Yes - Yes
Liquid Condensation - Yes - Yes
Liquid automatic Sampling - Yes - Yes
Mass Flow Meter in each Reactor Outlet - Yes - Yes
Reactor Bypass Valve Yes - Yes -
L/G Separator Bypass Valvey - Yes - Yes
Up/Down Flow Selection Valve - Yes - Yes
Reactor Quartz Liner Size ID (mm) 4 mm 5 mm - -
Metal Cover special Alloy SS316 Hast X SS316 Hast X
Wax Trap - Yes - Yes
Gas Chromatography Yes - Yes -
* Optional features can be modified depending on application needs or customer requests.