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ASAP 2460


ASAP 2460 Surface Area and Porosity Analyzer

The ASAP 2460 Surface Area and Porosity Analyzer incorporates a unique expandable system designed for high-performance and high sample throughput. The base ASAP 2460 is a two-port master control unit. For more throughput, additional two-port units can be connected to the master unit expanding the system to either a four-port or six-port analyzer. The instrument also includes intuitive MicroActive software that combines user-defined reports with the ability to interactively evaluate isotherm

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Part No. 246-00001-01
ASAP 2460 Master Unit - Krypton (with vacuum pump)

Part No. 246-33004-00
Krypton to Micropore Upgrade Kit; upgrades a krypton unit to a micropore unit

Part No. 246-00003-00
Auxiliary Analysis Module, adds two analysis ports

Part No. 246-33010-00

MicroPrep Option,
temperature controller and heating mantle for insitu degassing.


Part No. 246-00000-11
ASAP 2460 Master Unit - Nitrogen (110V)

Part No. 246-33003-00
Krypton Upgrade Kit; upgrades a nitrogen unit to a krypton unit

Part No. 246-00002-01
ASAP 2460 Master Unit - Micropore (with vacuum pump)

Part No. 246-00000-22
ASAP 2460 Master Unit, Nitrogen, (220V)

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