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Service and Maintenance Agreements Overview




For instrument service, please call:

  • For instrument service please phone:
    (770) 662-3666 (U.S.A.) or
    (770) 662-3663, 3614 (International)

    If you have a registered product you may request service by logging into your customer portal, clicking on your instrument and submitting a service request: - Link: REQUEST INSTRUMENT SERVICE THROUGH CUSTOMER PORTAL  - your customer portal also contains updated software, operator manuals and other items specific to your instruments.
    You can also email our Service Help Desk: ServiceHelpDesk@micromeritics.com

Micromeritics offers instrument maintenance and technical service to support your business goals.

What do I get with a Micromeritics Service Agreement?

  • Systematic inspection.

  • Factory-trained technicians calibrate and test your Micromeritics instrument, replace worn valves, seals, gaskets, tubing, and fittings, and then test the various assemblies including pumps, valves, and gauges for proper function. The entire systematic process of testing, diagnosing, and servicing helps to ensure that your Micromeritics instrument will continue to produce precise, accurate, and consistent results all year long.

  • Technical support.

  • You will receive technical information upon request by phone or FAX, including the latest troubleshooting solutions and upgrade information.

  • Quick response and quality workmanship.

  • You will receive prompt attention from highly skilled service technicians who have extensive diagnostic and repair experience with Micromeritics instruments.

  • Less paperwork.

  • When you need service, having a Micromeritics Service Agreement budgeted and in place reduces the paperwork associated with purchase orders, check request documentation, and billing codes.

  • Lower costs.

  • You get discounts on selected parts and labor. The scheduled maintenance agreement is designed to keep your Micromeritics instrument up and running so you avoid costly downtime and unexpected bills.

    What are the differences between the various Service Agreements?

    Instrument maintenance programs with a choice of five customized levels of product support and two levels of response time have recently been introduced to Micromeritics’ U.S. customers. These proactive maintenance programs are intended to eliminate service issues before they arise.

    Product support programs with a choice of five customized levels of product support and two levels of response time have recently been introduced on the company’s Elzone Particle Size analyzer and TriStar Surface Area analyzer products. In the near future, Micromeritics plans to cover the company’s entire instrument line and eventually expand this program globally.

    Plan options include phone support, tuition-free classroom training, software and hardware updates, free application support, free sample testing services in the event of instrument downtime, discounts on accessories, 48-hour response time, and special website access to premium content. Choose the plan with a combination of services that fits your needs. These hassle-free maintenance plans cover all instrument routine maintenance and repairs, and remove the guesswork from your operations budget with one yearly invoice. You can also reduce your administrative burden (and costs) even further by choosing a discounted multiple-year, multiple-site, or multiple-unit support plan.

    For more information, click on the link below or speak to a Micromeritics representative at (770) 662-3666.

    Product Support Solutions- Information in pdf format

    What is the next step?

    Look over the various Service Agreements from Micromeritics and choose the one that meets your needs.

    If you have special needs, give us a call and we will work with you to develop a customized service agreement.

    Remember that a Service Agreement saves you time and money while ensuring that your Micromeritics instrument continues to produce high-quality, accurate, and consistent data.

    Buying a Micromeritics Service Agreement is a sound business decision; you will maximize your productivity at the lowest possible cost.

    For more information on the Service Agreements from Micromeritics and how your business can benefit, contact us today.