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Service and Maintenance Agreements


Serving customers since 1962, Micromeritics Instrument Corporation has the experience, proven results, and customer satisfaction rates to help you meet your goals and objectives. Our customers are served by a world-wide network of factory trained representatives.

The Micromeritics Product Support Solutions enhanced maintenance plan is a comprehensive program that maximizes the benefits of ownership through minimizing; operational costs due to instrument down-time and loss in productivity. By choosing one of the customizable programs, your Micromeritics instrument will perform optimally.

Micromeritics offers five customized levels of product support and two levels of response time for a total of eight different programs.

The all-inclusive plan provides total product support that includes 24/7 phone support, tuition-free classroom training, software and hardware updates, special website access, free application support, free sample testing services in the event of a critical instrument down situation, discount on accessories, and 48-hour response time. Choose from a combination of services for the plan that meets your needs. You can also reduce your administrative burden (and costs) by choosing a discounted multiple-year, multiplesite or multiple-unit support plan.

Please call us at (770) 662-3633 and ask to speak with a representative. Our product support program keeps our customers satisfied and their instrument operational. We have taken a comprehensive approach in defining the desired level of product support to suit the needs of your organization.

Micromeritics offers a variety of service agreements to fit the dynamic needs of our customers. For more information about these Service Plans or to order a plan, contact us today.