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Product Life Cycle Management Process

Micromeritics believes that our job is to help customers solve their problems.  In an effort to be proactive in this endeavor and properly inform customers of our current ability to support Micromeritics products, we believe  it is our responsibility to inform you when the product is no longer supportable because critical parts are no longer available.    
Often the parts are no longer available for reasons that are beyond our control such as electrical components which went out of production many years ago and we have exhausted all available supplies. 
While we believe that investing in maintenance and repair of these units, if repair is possible, is very high risk and could be very costly we will still make an attempt to repair these units if requested. When a repair is made to one of these units it is understood that the service is not guaranteed and should the instrument fail it may not be repairable at that time.  
We desire to offer world class service and maintain excellent relationships with you, our customers. For this reason we discourage the repair of items that are no longer supported and we do not offer new maintenance contracts for the unsupported units which are often in the excess of 10 years old.
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