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Micromeritics Instruments

3flex chemisorption

3 Flex Chemisorption Option / 3 Flex TCD

The 3Flex TCD is our newest addition to the expanding capabilities of the 3Flex instrument family. Dynamic chemisorption analyses are available to the user with the addition of an integral thermal conductivity detector. This new feature allows the user to perform temperature programmed reduction (TPR), oxidation (TPO), desorption (TPD), and reduction reactions (TPRx). The 3Flex TCD also has an option for pulse chemisorption analyses which can be performed with manual injections or automatically with the optional injection loop.

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AutoChem III

The AutoChem from Micromeritics is the most widely used and highly cited system for catalyst reactivity characterization because it is also the most automated, highly accurate system for chemisorption and temperature-programmed reactions.

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Breakthrough Analyzer

The new BreakThrough Analyzer (BTA) is a flexible gas delivery and management system for the precise characterization of adsorbent performance under process-relevant conditions. It delivers reliable adsorption data for gas/vapor mixtures using a flow-through system.

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The Micromeritics ASAP 2020 Plus integrates a variety of automated gas sorption techniques into a single, but powerful, table-top instrument. The system is designed to provide high-quality surface area, porosity, chemisorption and physisorption isotherm data to materials analysis laboratories with ever-expanding analytical requirements. The ASAP 2020 Plus provides maximum versatility over a remarkable range of applications to meet your specific needs.

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The Micromeritics¬ģ TriStar II Plus is a fully automated surface area and porosity analyzer that delivers a rapid high throughput analysis with high accuracy. The three-station unit increases the speed and efficiency of routine quality control analyses, yet has the accuracy, resolution, and data reduction capability to serve research requirements.

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The FT4 was designed with one purpose in mind ‚Äď to characterize the rheology, or flow properties, of powders. This remains a primary function today, but the instrument, accessories and methodologies have been continuously developed to the point where the FT4 is now considered a universal powder flow tester.

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FR / MR Reactor Systems

This series of Micromeritics Flow Reactors (FR) features highly advanced modular laboratory screening units for measuring the activity and selectivity of catalysts. The Micromeritics FR-50, FR-100 and FR-200 have been developed to help save time and resources during catalyst development and screening. The Micromeritics Multi Reactor series features highly productive evaluation units for the laboratory that enable scientists to comprehensively measure the activity and selectivity of catalysts for screening and kinetic studies.

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Chemisorb HTP ‚Äď High Throughput Chemi Analyzer

Optimum design and efficient utilization of catalysts require a thorough understanding of the surface structure and surface chemistry of the catalytic material. Chemical adsorption analyses can provide much of the information needed to evaluate catalyst materials in the design and production phases, as well as after a period of use.

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