Service Contracts

Benefits of a Service Contract

The Negative Effect of Downtime is More Than What You See in Your Own Lab.

The purpose of a service contract is to ensure an instruments’ availability to run at full capacity. Most laboratories target a 97% or higher uptime. The cost of downtime—the inability to run critical assays—can be devastating to productivity, product quality, and return on investment in your lab.

A quality assurance sample not evaluated can hold a manufacturing batch from release, delaying hundreds of thousands of dollars of product from reaching your customers. Delayed research samples could result in lost grants or postpone new product releases. Lost instrument time can have a negative impact – directly or indirectly – on many people and processes in the value chain.

Service contracts are a fiscally sound decision to ensure your lab runs at peak efficiency. Preventive maintenance events included with the service contract are key for any critical operation to minimize loss due to instrument downtime or erroneous results.

Our service contracts provide priority response and access to remote technical assistance to minimize the time to resolve the issue. Service contracts provide direct savings that can amount to several thousand dollars compared to “call for service as needed” situations.


Without a Contract
Average Cost of service repair call and separate PM visit $9,400.00
Cost of 8-day Response to Resolution
(at $500/day analyst lost work time)
Total $13,400.00
With a Contract
Hydrogen Service Contract cost with included Preventative Maintenance $8,000.00
Cost of 5-day Response to Resolution
(at $500/day analyst lost work time)
Total $10,500.00
Contract Advantage
Savings through Contract Provided Services $2,900.00

Repair & Preventative Maintenance (PM)

Contract Plans & Options

Micromeritics provides multiple service contracts to meet your service needs. Our factory trained and certified service engineers have up-to-date technical information and resources to help ensure your instrument will continue to operate at peak performance.



Our Total Care Program

Recommended for mission-critical systems that support production or time sensitive research efforts. The included PM and full on-site Emergency Maintenance coverage maximize uptime with no budget uncertainty.



On-Demand Repair Service

This service plan also includes one PM to protect your instrument and minimize downtime. A generous 25% discount off the total cost of repairs reduces the financial impact of restoring your instrument to full operation.



Our PM Program

Your instrument needs routine maintenance to ensure peak performance and asset health. The Oxygen plan is the smart program with lower cost to ensure your investment reaches its life expectancy. Our Oxygen PM program includes all consumables and parts required for routine maintenance.



Our Factory PM Service

For select “factory service” instruments, the Argon plan provides a cost effective option to ensure your instrument continues to operate reliably and accurately. Factory service engineers undergo the same rigorous training and qualification as our field service engineers so you can have full confidence in your instrument.


Available Plans: Hydrogen Helium Oxygen Argon
Priority Scheduling X X X
Remote Technical Support X X X X
PM Labor On-site On-site On-site Factory
On-Site PM Travel X X X
PM Parts Kit X X X X
Calibration X X X X
On-Site Repair Labor X 25% Discount
On-Site Repair Travel X 25% Discount
SRO Repair Parts X 25% Discount
Software Updates X 25% Discount
ISO Certification Optional Optional Optional Optional
Speed 72 Optional Optional
Additional PM’s Optional Optional Optional Optional


Service Contract Options

ISO Certification • Extra PM’s • Speed 72