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C112 FT4 Powder Rheometer (without LCD monitor, keyboard and mouse)
C612 Aeration Control Kit
C260 50mm Accessories Kit
C460 25mm Accessories Kit
C800 Shear Cell Kit - 48mm Diameter
C815 Shear Cell Kit - 24mm Diameter
C275 Wall Friction Kit - 48mm Diameter
C475 Wall Friction Kit - 24mm Diameter
C820 Shear Cell Kit - 1ml
C180 FT4 Calibration Kit
C200 50mm x 260ml Vessel Kit
C203 50mm x 160ml Split Vessel Kit
C205 50mm x 85ml Split Vessel Kit
C210 48mm Blade Assembly in Case
C240 50mm Accessories Case
C250 48mm Compaction Piston Kit
C257 48mm Compaction Piston, Manual
C280 Funnel for 50mm Vessel
C2001 50mm x 260ml Vessel
C2002 50mm Base Assembly
C2003 50mm Clamp Ring Assembly
C2004 O ring seal for 50mm vessel (pack of 5 seals)
C2008 50mm Levelling Assembly
C2031 50mm x 160ml Split Vessel
C2032 50mm x 85ml Vessel
C300 62mm x 400ml Vessel Kit
C303 62mm x 240ml Split Vessel Kit
C310 60mm Blade Assembly in Case
C340 62mm Accessories Case
C350 60mm Compaction Piston Kit
C360 62mm Accessories Kit
C380 Funnel for 62mm Vessel
C400 25mm x 35ml Vessel Kit
C403 25mm x 25ml Split Vessel Kit
C404 25mm x 10ml Split Vessel Kit
C415 23.5mm Blade Assembly in Case
C440 25mm Accessories Case
C450 24mm Compaction Piston Kit
C457 24mm Compaction Piston, Manual
C480 Funnel for 25mm Vessel
C4001 25mm x 35ml Vessel
C4002 25mm Base Assembly
C4003 25mm Clamp Ring Assembly
C4004 O ring seal for 25ml vessel (pack of 5 silicone seals)
C4008 25mm Levelling Assembly
C4031 25mm x 25ml Split Vessel
C4032 25mm x 25ml Extension Vessel
C4041 25mm x 10ml Split Vessel
C4042 25mm x 10ml Extension Vessel
C620 50mm Aeration Base Assembly
C630 62mm Aeration Base Assembly
C640 25mm Aeration Base Assembly
C2005 50mm & 62mm Vessel Clamping Assembly
C4005 25mm Vessel Clamping Assembly
C5001 4mm Ball End Driver
C5002 3mm Ball End Driver
C5003 Screw Driver - 5mm
C5004 Nut Spinner - 7mm
C5005 Cleaning Brush
C844 Cosmetic Compact Testing Kit
C840 Punch Kit
C841 Vacuum System
C842 Compact Adapter Kit
C843 Applicator Head