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004-62230-58 Gas Regulator, CGA 580 30 psig; Compatible with Ar, He, Kr, and N2
004-33601-00 Expansion Kit Adds additional outlet to gas regulator. Includes fittings and instructions
004-33602-00 Pressure Relief Kit Prevents excessive gas pressure in event of regulator failure. Not to be used with noxious gas. 
201-25818-01 Stainless Steel Gas Inlet Line 5m (16 ft.)
290-25846-01 Copper Gas Inlet Line 5m (16 ft.)
290-25846-00 Copper Gas Inlet Line 6 ft. 
236-61702-00 Gemini 3/4 in OD Bulb Sample Tube  3/4-in. (19.1-mm) OD bulb x 6.1-in. (155-mm) long, approx. 9 cm³ sample capacity
238-61703-00 Gemini 3/8 in OD Straight-Wall Long Sample Tube  3/8-in. (9.6-mm) OD x 8.0-in.(203-mm) long, approx 2 cm³ sample capacity
236-61707-01 Gemini 5/8 in OD Straight-Wall Sample Tube  5/8-in. (16-mm) OD x 0.53-in. (13.5-mm) ID x 6-in. (152 mm) long
236-61703-00 Gemini 3/8 in OD Straight-Wall Sample Tube 3/8-in. (9.6-mm) OD x 6.1-in. (155-mm)
239-33010-00 Gemini 0.5395 in (16mm) Sample Tube Kit  0.5395 in (16mm) sample tube kit consisting of: 2 sample tubes with stoppers, 16 OD., 2 hanging filler rods, 2 connectors with hooks attached, two connector nuts, 2 O-rings, 2 ferrules, 1 open end wrench, Left and right Dewar covers, modified
236-61704-00 Filler Rod for Balace and Sample Tube 7mm X 146.1mm
236-61705-00 Filler Rod for Sample Tube  7mm X 101.6 mm
236-61708-00 Hanging Filler Rod  13 mm OD
236-61706-00 Hanging Filler Rod  7 mm OD
236-61709-00 Hanging Filler Rod  25.4 mm OD
280-32800-00 Sample Tube Weighing Support  For supporting sample tubes while weighing
240-25853-00 Powder Funnel Nylon
240-14855-00 Sample Tube Rack For holding sample tubes
004-54611-00 Cleaning Brush for Straight Wall Sample Tube Brush, 8mm DIA X 50mm X 190mm LG.
004-54612-00 Cleaning Brush for Bulb Sample Tube  Brush, 25mm DIA X 25mm X 240mm LG.
004-32004-00 Rubber Stopper for Sample Tube Help prevent sample contamination in atmosphere
004-61065-00 3 mm Glass Beads 90 grams; for displacing volume in the balance tube equivalent to the volume of sample in the sample tube when analysing high volume, low surface area samples.
004-25022-00 Duro Buna-N O-Ring Size 12 for sealing 3/8 in. OD sample tube stem
004-25466-00 Duro Buna-N O-Ring Size 10 for sealing filter disk
004-27046-00 Sample Tube Port Frit 40 microns; 1/4'' D X 1/16 '' tall 
004-27024-00 Balance Tube Port Frit 2 microns; 1/4 '' D X 1/16 '' tall
004-61064-00 600 mL Dewar for Gemini VII 2390a,VII 2390p
239-33601-00 2.2 L Stainless Steel Dewar Kit includes dewar cover; for Gemini VII 2390a, 2390p 
239-33602-00 4.0 L Stainless Steel Dewar Kit includes dewar cover; for Gemini VII 2390t
239-31802-00 Insulating Dewar Cover for 2.75L Dewar
236-31802-01 Cover, Dewar Right Active 32
236-31802-02 Cover, Dewar Left Active 33
062-00000-11 110/120V Vaccum Pump with built-in anti-suckback valve; Includes vacuum hose, fittings, exhaust filter, oil and manual
062-00000-23 220/240V Vaccum Pump with built-in anti-suckback valve; Includes vacuum hose, fittings, exhaust filter, oil and manual
004-16003-01 1L Vaccum Pump Oil for vaccum pump
200-25879-00 Funnel for Vaccum Pump Oil  for vaccum pump
004-27040-00 Vacuum Pump Exhaust Filter for vaccum pump
062-33002-00 Oil Vapor Trap  for vaccum pump
004-16830-00 Activated Alumina Pellets 500g; for oil vapor trap
236-42701-01 French Keypad Template
236-42701-02 German Keypad Template
236-42701-03 Spanish Keypad Template
236-42701-04 Italian Keypad Template
003-5113-00 Slow-Blow Fuse 3AG, 1.5A
065-25811-00 Isothermal Inserts for Gemini Bulb Tube
065-25812-00 Isothermal Inserts for Gemini Straight Wall Tube
061-33001-00 Flow Control Valve Kit regulates gas flow and/or vacuum on sample preparation units; includes six flow control valves and instructions.
239-33005-00 Gemini VII Prep Seal Kit  used to degas and transfer air-sensitive samples to an analysis port without contamination.
008-42001-00 Analytical Methods in Fine Particle Technology by Paul A. Webb and Dr. Clyde Orr This book has been prepared to serve those just entering this field of technology as well as experienced researchers seeking insight into particular problems and guidance in achieving the utmost from their testing and research.
200-42901-00 Gas Adsorption Theory Poster 24'' X  36''
200-42902-00 Gas Adsorption Apparatus Poster 24'' X  36''
239-42802-00 Gemini VII Operators Manual Gemini 2390, V1.04
061-00023-00 VacPrep 061 Degasses up to six samples at up to 400°C with either flowing gas or evacuation (evacuation requires a vacuum pump and gas regulator).
060-00023-00 FlowPrep 060 Degasses up to six samples at up to 400°C  with flowing gas (requires a gas regulator)
202-33027-00 MicroActive Interactive Data Analysis Software V5.02 Micromeritics’ innovative MicroActive software allows users to interactively evaluate isotherm data from Micromeritics ASAP, TriStar, and Gemini gas adsorption instruments. Users can easily include or exclude data, fitting the desired range of experimentally acquired data points using interactive, movable calculation bars. Isotherms can be viewed on either a linear or logarithmic scale and available to the user under each calculation model. No need to generate reports to review results – now see it graphically and interactively on screen.
025-00239-00 Chiller Dewar for Gemini 2390t A closed plumbing system that circulates fluid from a temperature controlled bath into a small dewar filled with antifreeze in which the sample tubes are immersed
004-16833-00 Carbon Black Reference Material  SA, approximately 30.6 m²/g
004-16858-00 Alumina Reference Material SA, approximately 5.2 m²/g