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A Few Facts Pertaining to the Low Pressure Performance of a Mercury Intrusion Porosimeter Paul Webb
Adding a custom model to the NLDFT library - a CO2 GCMC model for carbons Jeff Kenvin
Advances in structure measurements of carbon Joyce, George A.; Henry, William M.; Magee, Ricky W.
An Introduction to Chemical Adsorption Analytical Techniques and Methods Paul Webb
An Introduction To The Physical Characterization of Materials by Mercury Intrusion Porosimetry with Emphasis On Reduction And Presentation of Experimental Data. Paul Webb
Blank And Sample Compression Corrections for Mercury Porosimetry Micromeritics
Breakthrough Technology Solves an Old Particle Size Analysis Problem Mike Strickland
Carbon black intra-aggregate void volume from dynamic compression measurements George Joyce, William Henry, Tony Thornton, Hank Hodgin
Carbon Dioxide Characterization of Carbons with the TriStar II 3020 Andrew D. D’Amico and Yundi Jiang
Characterization of Eucalypt Wood by Mercury Porosimetry - DataInterpretation Moura, M.J.(a) and Figueiredo, M.M
Characterization Of Physically Modified Glass Beads As Potential Model Carriers In DPIS Sarah Zellnitza, Jakob Dominik Redlinger-Pohnq, Nora Anne Urbanetz
Characterization of Supported Palladium, Hydrogen Sorption - by Jason Exley Jason Exley
Characterization of Vanadia Catalysts Supported on Different Carriers by TPD TPR Pham Thanh Huyen*, Nguyen Anh Vu, Nguyen Minh Hien,
Determination of the Density of Small and Irregular-Shaped Samples of Sound and Degraded Waterlogged Woods (ACCUPYC) Ines Dorina Donato, Marcella Mulè Cascio
Diffusion of Nitrogen and Methane in Clinoptilolites Tailored for N2-CH4 Separation (ASAP 2010) Ambalavanan Jayaraman and Ralph T. Yang*
Dispersion and Analysis of Magnetic Particles With The Elzone Richard Karuhn
Electrical Sensing Zone Advantages when Quantifying Particle Contamination in Lubricating Oils Rick Shimkus
Ensuring Quality in Particle Size Distribution Analysis (Saturn) Tony Thornton
Excipients: The Unsung Heroes of Pharmaceuticals Myke Scoggins
Guidelines For Selecting The Appropriate Adsorptive Micromeritics
How To Administer Insoluble Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients micromeritics
How To Determine Size Characteristics Through Nonconventiona Methods Micromeritics
How to Increase regulatory Flexibility and Production Efficiency Myke Scoggins
Interlaboratory Comparison of Analytical Results a Measure of Quality Control (Sedigraph) Engª Conceição Fonseca, Dra. Rosário Amaral and Rui Lucas of CTCV –Technological Centre of Ceramic and Glass – Coimbra - Portugal
Introduction to Chemical Adsorption Analytical Techniques and their Applications to Catalysis Paul A. Webb
Making Plastics Ecologically Friendly - Introduction of CO2 into the Polymerization Process with the Help of Micromeritics Materials Characterization Instruments Pat Lennox
Microchannel Reactor for Fischer-Tropsch Synthesis- Adaptation of a Commercial Unit (PID-Micromeritics Microactivity Reference) Yunes, Almeida, Montes, Sanz, D'olhaberriague
Micromeritics Instruments Aid in Research Aimed at Sequestration of Carbon Dioxide Greenhouse Gas Pat Lennox
Modern Methods of Particle Characterization Paul Webb and Clyde Orr
Nitrogen Adsorption on Lithium Exchanged X Zeolite (Li-X) at Multiple Temperatures Using the ASAP 2050 Reid Davis
Particle Characterization Information Essential in Helping Scientists Predict the Airborne Transport and Fallout of Volcanic Ash Pat Lennox
Particle Characterization Solutions for Appearance and Structure Assessment of Lyophilized Biopharmaceutical Compounds micromeritics
Particle size plays an important role in producing chocolate Micromeritics
Physical Characterization of Shale Micromeritics
Pore Structure Characterization of Barrier Coatings for Paper and Paperboard (AUTOPORE) Paul D. Fleming III and Margaret K. Joyce, Western Michigan University
Pulse Chemisorption with AutoChem II 2920 Isopropylamine on Zeolites (AutoChem II 2920 Andrew D’Amico
Quality Control of Mineral Pigment/Coating Blends Displaying Different Mineralogical Structure/Shape Vilho, J; Santos, N; Gomes, C
Searching for the Optimum Adsorption Temperature by the use of the Temperature-Programmed Adsorption (TPA) Technique (ASAP 2010) Dr. Simon Yunez, Laboratorio de Caracterización de Catalizadores, INTEVEP, Research Centre of Petróleos de Venezuela, Los Teques, Venezuela
The Dynamics of Adsorption
The Effect of Porosity on Dissolution Myke Scoggins
The Heat of Adsorption of Hydrogen Gas on Lanthanum Pentanickel Reid Davis
The Perserverance of the SediGraph Method of Particle Sizing Paul A. Webb
The Utility of Specific Surface Area Measurement Myke Scoggins
TPR, TPO and TPD Examination of Cu0.15 Ce0.85 O2-y Mixed Oxide Catalysis Prepared by coprecipitation synthesis (AUTOCHEM) Albin Pintar, Jurka Batista, Stanko Hoevar
Use of Minimum Signal Fraction Setting in Saturn DigiSizer Sample Information Files (SATURN) Micromeritics
Using Hydrocarbon Vapors and Aggressive Adsorptives with Micromeritics’ ASAP Series Micromeritics
Volume and Density determinations for Particle Technologists Paul Webb
Why Demand for the SediGraph Method Endures (SEDIGRAPH) Paul Webb