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From leading products to industry experts, Micromeritics helps open new horizons in Material Characterization. Meaningful measurements and analyses that provide accurate and reproducible data are built on basic understanding and in-depth application know-how.

Micromeritics’ webinars teach you how to understand analytical data better and maximize its value, to speed up timelines, to increase efficiency and to optimize performance and productivity. They cover a range of industrially vital topics providing new insights into catalyst characterization, particle sizing, gas adsorption – physisorption and chemisorption – and others. Refresh or enhance your material characterization knowledge to analyze and optimize your products and workflows and lay the foundation for innovation.

Our one- and two-hour events are a convenient way to keep your scientific knowledge up to date on the latest technologies and solutions for a wide range of industries.

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Title Speaker Date Sign-up
Powder Caking: Understanding Different Caking Behaviors and the Influence of Humidity Cycling Guy Stimpson Oktober 3, 2023
TPR of Copper Oxide Nanoparticles on Alumina – Understanding the Effects of Particle Size and Surface Chemistry Hoang Nguyen November 2, 2023

Recent Webinars

Title Speaker Moderator Date Webinar link
Powder Caking: Understanding Different Caking Behaviors and the Influence of Humidity Cycling Guy Stimpson Jeff Kenvin, Micromeritics September 6, 2023 Watch Now
Predicting Multicomponent Adsorption From Single-gas Isotherms Using MicroActive Software with IAST Julian Hungerford Jeff Kenvin, Micromeritics Juli 27, 2023 Watch Now
Optimizing AM Feedstock Reuse with an FT4 Powder Rheometer Amalia Thomas, Freeman Technology Jeff Kenvin, Micromeritics Watch Now
Characterizing Advanced Battery Anodes with Gas Adsorption BET Surface Area and DFT Surface Energy Pearl Kwon, Micromeritics Jeff Kenvin, Micromeritics Juni 20, 2023 Watch Now
Powder Flow Characterization for Optimizing Processes in Industry and Research Guy Stimpson Julian Hungerford, Micromeritics Juni 7, 2023 Watch Now
Lithium-ion Battery Separator: Pore Structure Determination Using Mercury Intrusion Porosimetry Anthony Wayne Thornton Jeff Kenvin, Micromeritics Mai 11, 2023 Watch Now
Optimizing Yield for Li-ion Battery Electrode Manufacturing for both Wet and Dry Processes Nicholas Monroe Jeff Kenvin, Micromeritics April 25, 2023 Watch Now
Physical Characterization Methods for Cathode Powders Jack Saad & Anthony Wayne Thornton Jeff Kenvin, Micromeritics April 11, 2023 Watch Now
Analytical Methods to Ensure Battery Raw Material and Electrode Performance Dr. Stephan Wollstadt, Rigaku & Dr. Katharina Peikert, Micromeritics Jeff Kenvin, Micromeritics März 23, 2023 Watch Now
High Performance Polymeric Powders and Nanocomposite Powders for Powder Bed Fusion Dr. Oana Ghita, University of Exeter Jamie Clayton, Freeman Technologies März 29, 2023 Watch Now
Autochem III – Catalyst and Active Surface Characterization Chris Gastaldo & Hoang Nguyen, Micromeritics Jeff Kenvin, Micromeritics März 8, 2023 Watch Now
Applying Powder Rheology to Optimise Industrial Powder Handling Processes Jamie Clayton & Nicholas Monroe, Freeman Technology Ruby Hoi, Micromeritics Februar 2, 2023 Watch Now
Why Crystal Materials Will Save the World Prof Michael Zaworotko, University of Limerick Jeff Kenvin, Micromeritics Oktober 5, 2022 Watch Now
How Chemical Defects Influence the Charging of Nano-porous Carbon-based Supercapacitors? Roland Pellenq, CNRS Jeff Kenvin, Micromeritics Oktober 11, 2022 Watch Now
Oktober 18, 2022 Watch Now
November 2, 2022 Watch Now
November 15, 2022 Watch Now