Workshop Best Practice for Micromeritics’ SediGraph

Particle Size Determination by Sedimentation is a unique analytical method based on direct mass concentration detection using X-Ray.

Join us on a 1-day free of charge workshop at the Micromeritics Application Lab near Munich in Germany.

We will look at the theory behind the sedimentation technique, How the Sedigraph operates, its applicability and the type of results. We will also discuss the advantages of the Sedimentation Technique versus other techniques available like Laser Diffraction. After a practical lab session, there will be time for discussion and also the possibility to look at your own data.


23 September 2022

Micromeritics GmbH, Germany

Who should attend

This seminar will benefit intermediate and advanced users in academia, R&D, production or quality control. It not only refreshes basic knowledge but also gives you a comprehensive overview of the Sedigraph using the Sedimentation Technique and how it compares to other techniques available like Laser Diffraction.


Tony Thornton received his MSc degree in Analytical Chemistry at the Emory University in Atlanta. He has been a key member of the Micromeritics team since 1980, specifically evolving the study of particle sizing using liquid chromatography. His expertise includes techniques for Particle Size, Porosimetry, Physisorption, Chemisorption and Pycnometry.¬†He was also instrumental in developing the Sedigraph, DigiSizer and Elzone, and has made significant contributions to the company’s sample cell and fluid handling design.


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