The Particle Testing Authority (PTA)…

is an ISO 17025 accredited, GMP compliant, FDA registered and inspected contract laboratory specializing in the characterization of fine powders and solid material. Part of Micromeritics Instrument Corp, a leading provider of materials characterization solutions, PTA uses Micromeritics instrumentation alongside complementary technology from other world class suppliers to deliver cost-efficient, reliable analysis optimally tailored to each application. With over 55 years of experience PTA has a track record of excellence and is a trusted supplier to customers across the powder processing industries including the pharmaceutical, chemical, coating, catalyst, mineral and polymer sectors.

PTA’s testing services extend from comprehensive particle characterization, including particle size/shape, pore volume, surface area and density, to bulk powder testing, with dynamic testing capabilities for quantifying powder flowability. Projects run from single sample analysis to complex method development, method validation, new product assessment, and the analytical support required for large scale manufacturing projects.  An experienced, highly trained team of scientists, engineers, and lab technicians works closely with every client to ensure that all analytical requirements are rapidly and responsively addressed. The customer experience is further enhanced by PTA’s access to globally recognized instrumentation and application expertise in Micromeritics, and by close collaboration with highly reputable labs working in complementary areas.

PTA is based in Norcross, Georgia, USA with a new laboratory in Germany that provides particle testing services for European customers.