Micromeritics offers a full range of instrument installation, preventive maintenance and repair services to support instruments through their full life cycle. On-site and factory services are provided through our global network of factory trained and certified service engineers. The service team also works closely with the Micromeritics applications, engineering and manufacturing teams to ensure our customers’ questions are addressed and potential challenges resolved.

For organizations with strict quality requirements, our MIC-9000 Preventive Maintenance process will maximize instrument reliability and ensure the accuracy, repeatability and integrity of results while complying with ISO 9001 and similar standards. Micromeritics also offers formal Installation Qualification (IQ) and Operational Qualification (OQ) services to ensure instruments are correctly installed and operate according to specifications. For organizations that do not require ISO-level documentation, we also offer a standard Preventive Maintenance service.


Contact Instrument Service

7:30am to 4:15pm, UTC-4
Phone (U.S.):  +1 (770)662-3636
Email: Service.HelpDesk@micromeritics.com


For applications support, contact the Applications Support Hotline