Reactor Systems

FR / MR Reactor Systems

Bench-top, turn-key flow reactors in a platform that covers a full range of process conditions, is quick to deploy and simple to use. ‚Äč
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ICCS Catalyst Comprehensive Catalyst Characterization

ICCS Catalyst Characterization

Fundamental catalyst characterization by chemisorption or temperature-programmed reactions without removing the catalyst from the process.
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Breakthrough Analyzer

The safest, turn-key, automated system for multicomponent competitive adsorption capacity and selectivity.‚Äč
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Pilot plants

Automated lab-scale pilot plants that accelerate technology development from bench to production. ‚Äč
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Catalyst Characterization

AutoChem III

Catalyst surface area, dispersion, and activity with the fastest, safest, and most accurate system for chemisorption and temperature-programmed reactions.
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3Flex is a high-performance adsorption analyzer


The most advanced textural analysis including surface area, pore size distribution including micropore analysis, and chemisorption in a single platform....
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TriStar II Plus

The fastest, most accurate, most reliable measurements of BET surface area, porosity, and pore size distribution.‚Äč
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AccuPyc II Gas Displacement Pycnometry System

AccuPyc II

Fast, reliable density determination of granular, powder, and particulate materials.
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