Certified Reference Materials

Micromeritics Certified Reference Materials (CRM) kits are the newest validation tools from the world leader in particle characterization technology. These kits offer a convenient method for confirming the operation of your system, providing peace of mind for the verification and monitoring of your instrument’s performance.

Why Micromeritics Certified Reference Materials?

Increased data confidence

How do you know you are getting the right answer? Because you have verified the instrument – recently – against a trusted material by a defined, standard method.

Streamlined lab operations

Simple, defined procedures with detailed instructions for sample preparation and data collection. We do the hard part: pick the material, determine the optimal method, and provide materials in pre-weighed vials.

Smooth quality audits
Traceability and documentation of methods and procedures.

TRIPLE Confidence

  • Confirmed by third-party Reference Material Producer accredited by ANSI-ASQ National Accreditation Board (ISO 17035)
  • Validated against NIST standards
  • Validated on Micromeritics systems by our expert scientists.

What’s inside?

  • Each vial contains the correct, pre-weighed quantity of certified reference material
  • Certificate of Analysis
  • Detailed guidelines for preparation, data collection, and analysis
  • Safety Data Sheet

Available Certified Reference Materials Kits

Brunauer-Emmett-Teller (BET) specific surface area (SSA) by static gas adsorption technique. ISO 9277, USP846, ASTM C1069

Micromeritics Instruments: TriStar, 3Flex, ASAP 2020, ASAP 2460 & 2425, Gemini

Part Number Price Material
004-16880-00 $950 Alumina 5m2/g, 6 vials
004-16881-00 $950 Alumina 1m2/g, 6 vials

Determination of particle size of inorganic material by sedimentation
Micromeritics Instruments: SediGraph

Part Number Price Material
004-16890-00 $950 Calcium Carbonate 0.70 µm median particle size (nominal) , 6 vials
004-16891-00 $950 Garnet 3.74 µm median particle size (nominal) , 6 vials

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