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Characterizing Advanced Battery Anodes With Gas Adsorption BET Surface Area and DFT Surface Energy

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science and technology of small particles

Our state-of-the art portfolio includes pycnometry, gas and vapor adsorption, dynamic chemisorption, intrusion porosimetry, powder rheology, catalyst activity testing, and lab-scale reactor systems.

What Micromeritics Does Best

Our world-leading technology encompasses solutions for
the characterization of particles, powders, and porous materials.

Surface Area

Surface area by gas adsorption including BET surface area


Pore size, volume, and distribution by gas adsorption and mercury porosimetry


Absolute density of solids, powders, and slurries by gas pycnometry. Automated envelope density of irregular solids and compressed bulk density (T.A.P).

Powder Flow

Shear and dynamic measurements of powder rheology and particle interactions


Catalyst activity including chemisorption, temperature-programmed reactions, and lab-scale reactor systems




Carbon Capture

Our world leading analytical equipment offers high performing solutions to improve your advanced battery’s safety, energy & power density, and cycle life
To accelerate hydrogen’s role in decarbonization, Micromeritics’ products play a key role in the development of Adsorbents, Membranes, and Catalysts critical for these technologies
CCUS includes a range of emission reduction technologies which our diverse product portfolio is playing a critical role in the technology development.

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