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Information describing materials characterization, particle size, surface properties, porosity, and pore structure is essential to a great many technologies and industries. The potential for applications of these characterization techniques, derived from an immeasurable diversity of materials and their uses, may itself be unlimited.

Accordingly, Micromeritics makes every attempt to identify the most useful and widely reaching applications of the aforementioned analytical techniques, and present them in an ever-growing compendium of The Bibliography of Papers, Technical Papers, Frequently Asked Questions, Applications Notes, Presentations and Technical Tips.

We hope that you will find these useful, informative, and instructional, and we welcome your suggestions for future study.

Analytical Methods in Fine Particle Technology - A book by Paul Webb and Dr. Clyde Orr has been prepared to serve those just entering this field of technology as well as experienced researchers seeking insight into particular problems and guidance in achieving the utmost from their testing and research. This book can be found on this website in the accessory section of each instrument.


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ASTM Test Methods   

ASTM Test Methods appropriate for Micromeritics and Particulate Systems Instruments

Bibliography of Papers   

Approximately 10,000 peer reviewed papers in which one or more Micromeritics products are referenced.

DFT / NLDFT Density Functional Theory   

Facts about the development of DFT


A sortable database of Frequently Asked Questions

Glossary of Terms   

Glossary of Terms

Request for Information   

A form for personal replies to your questions and inquiries.

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